A Portrait

A portrait of Delia

Delia is a London-based game developer working in Unity. She has 5 years of freelance games and software experience across a broad range of interactive projects and a knack for being emergency parachuted into tricky projects.

She is a quick study and takes great delight in adding new tech and skills to her repertoire. Delia occasionally composes and records music, and hopes to do more work with game audio in the future.

In her spare time she likes to hit people with swords at the London Longsword Academy, favouring rapier in the style of Thibault.

She has also been known to jump up and down with bells on as a member of New Esperance Morris (although she is currently taking some time off from upholding England’s finest folk tradition).

Delia is currently available for contract and permanent roles in London and the South East. 

Contact her by email if you’d like to get in touch.